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Electric Bike Omnitester

- all-in-one tester for ebike users/dealers
- controller testing leads
- motor testing leads
- throttle testing leads
- brake switch testing leads
- LED light indicators
- battery-saving on/off switch
- tester battery level indicator
- one 9V tester battery included
- for electric bikes with brushless motors
- no more guessing, just connect & tell!

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throttle test

motor test

controller test

Omnitester Testing Guide

1. Brushless Motor Testing
- Keep it in mind that ONLY the black and red wires are strictly color-coded. 

Motor Hall Chip testing
--> connect the motor Hall connector (5 fine wires) with the tester.
--> make sure the black and red wires are properly connected.
--> turn on the tester power.
--> slowly turn the motor wheel forward.
--> HA(blue), HB(green), HC(yellow) lights should turn on and off sequentially.
--> Otherwise, there is either loose connection or damaged Hall chips.

Motor Copper Core testing:
--> connect two of the 3 coarse wires (phase wires) with each other should produce equal resistance when turning the motor wheel. Otherwise, there is a short circuit within the copper core wiring.
--> connect the 3 coarse wires from the motor to the tester.
--> keep the tester power off.
--> turn the wheel with motor.
--> XA(blue), XB(green), XC(yellow) lights should all be flashing.
--> Otherwise, the corresponding portion is faulty.

2. Brushless Controller Testing
- Connect the controller Hall connector (5 fine wires) and the 3 coarse phase wires with the tester.
- Disconnect the speedometer wire from the controller, if there is any.
- Keep the tester power off.
- Turn on the ignition to power the controller.
- 5V light should be on once the controller is powered. Otherwise, it's a faulty controller.
- For a 120° controller, Q1-Q6 lights should flash in 3 even & odd pairs when turning the throttle. And none of lights flashes if the Hall connectors are disconnected. Otherwise, it's a faulty controller. 
- While for a 60° controller, one pair of the lights won't flash when turning the throttle. But it will be the one and only pair of lights which flashes when the Hall connectors are disconnected. Otherwise, it's a faulty controller.

3. Throttle Testing
- Connect the 3 throttle/brake testing leads to the 3 throttle wires on the bike. 
- The black and red wires are strictly color-coded. 
- Turn on the tester power. 
- Throttle works properly if the throttle/brake LED's brightness increase (as for a normal throttle) or decrease (as for a reverse throttle) gradually while turning the throttle. Otherwise, the throttle is deemed faulty.

4. Brake Microswitch Testing
- Tests the microswitch on the brake lever which cuts off motor when a brake is applied.
- Connect the red and green throttle/brake testing leads to the brake switch wires.
- Turn on the tester power.
- If the throttle/brake LED turns on after connecting the wires, the microswitch is a CLOSED type.
- In case of a CLOSED type brake microswitch, the throttle/brake LED should turn off when applying either front or rear brake. Otherwise, the microswitch is deemed faulty.
- If the throttle/brake LED remains off after connecting the wires, then turns on after applying either front or rear brake. The microswitch works properly. Otherwise, it is deemed faulty.



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