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Frequently Asked Questions About Raylight Electric Bikes

Q: Does charger come with the bike?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you have motors over 500 watts?
A: No and probably you would not need an over-500-watt motor on an electric bike. Our motors have a rated power between 250-500 watts. That's the power needed for an average rider on a flat road and most hills. Our models are able to provide max power of 700-1200 watts when going up hills with a coupled controller. A motor with rated power of over 500 watts will surely give the bike more momentum, but also cuts the range and battery life significantly.

Q: Why sometimes I could not get the 45 km range?
A: The range of the electric bikes is determined by many factors. The most common factors resulting in shortened range are: an overweight rider, uneven roads, frequent stops, sudden acceleration, constant full throttle, improper tire pressure, cold weather, and etc.

Q: How do you get the number of 45 km for range?
A: The number is from the manufacturer-side tests. The electric motor’s typical power consumption is 250 watts for an average weight rider of 160 lbs with a speed of 31 km/h on flat ground.
For a 36 volt model:
      ((36V * 12AH) / 250 watts) * 31 km/h = 53.6 km
For a 48 volt model:
      ((48V * 12AH) / 250 watts) * 31 km/h = 71.4 km
With low-voltage protection system, you won’t be able to drain the battery completely, thus the range is always shorter than the calculated numbers.

Q: Why it was so bumpy when riding the electric bikes?
A: The very sensitive micro-switches on both rear and front brake levers will cut off the power to the motor if you apply either or both of the brakes. It’s one of the key safety features on the electric bikes. Please beware that brakes are not applied when starting the electric bike. Always check the brakes before you ride your bike.

Q: How long will the battery last?
A: A typical sealed lead-acid battery lasts about 300 cycles, while lithium battery lasts more than 800 cycles. RAYLIGHT electric bikes uses either lead-acid or lithium batteries.

Q: What else should I know about the bike?
A: Never leave your important belongings in the compartments! Apply the throttle gently when starting the bike to avoid potential permanent damages on motor and battery! Avoid applying full throttle when going up hills to prevent burning fuses and exhausting battery! NEVER SIT ON THE BIKE WHEN IT IS ON STANDS to avoid potential damages on the stands!


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